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“Small cheer and great
welcome makes a merry feast.”

William Shakespeare

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Deciphering Corpses

Everything that we see around us, whether it is living or inanimate, has its own story. Some which we know while some we do not. It is the same case with the dead. Every corpse tells something about how it reached its present condition. But it is not in the abilities of simpletons like meContinue reading “Deciphering Corpses”

Key to Happiness

I am sure that the immense desire to attain happiness is common to all of us. In such tiring and testing times, most of us experience dry spells of happiness. It is ironic that a simple emotion like happiness is so hard to attain. The key questions on happiness, and the interconnected web of philosophies are talked about the book “The Billionaire and The Monk” by Vibhor Kumar Singh which is barely 100 pages long. Read on further to see how it went for me.


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